Carefree Kids was set up in 2004 by Ros Kane who qualified with the Guild of Psychotherapists in 1983.

In 1992, Ros sat in the office of a head teacher at a local primary school who said, ‘There are at least eight children in this school who will commit homicide or suicide by the age of twenty.’

Ros’s reaction was: ‘If we know this, why on earth isn’t something being done about it?’ As a result, she decided to develop an early intervention support model for children’s emotional and mental health and Carefree Kids came into being as a result.

Harnessing the enthusiasm of local people and students of therapeutic disciplines, a programme of training and supervision was set up to equip them with the skills and support needed to work with children and young people. Soon many local children were benefiting from one to one support from an ever growing team of Carefree Kids volunteer facilitators.

The charity grew from its first days based in Ros’s spare room in Leytonstone, via two rooms in Greater London House, Leytonstone and then Community Place Leyton, to its final location in a suite of rooms near Blackhorse Road in Walthamstow, in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.